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Southwell Brothers Genealogy

Father: gender Samuel Debenham  (1807–1887)

Mother: gender Salome Warren  (1810–1880)

gender William Elliott Debenham  (1839–1924)

  Born: 15 Jan 1839    Bury St Edmunds
  Died: 14 November 1924    Wimbledon

Spouse: gender Amanda Southwell  (1843–1884)

  Married: 20 August 1866    St Marylebone


  gender William Edwin Southwell Debenham  (1867–1953)

  gender Frederick Debenham  (1868–1897)

  gender Charles Debenham  (1870–1942)

  gender John Samuel Debenham  (1870–1944)

  gender Paul Debenham  (1872–1872)

  gender Eva Debenham  (1879–1880)

  gender Arthur Henry Debenham  (1881–1935)

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