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Michael Cole Square Pianos

Michael Cole's appraisal of the technical aspects of William Southwell's work and his assessment of the importance of Southwell's inventions are of particular interest and recommended here as a valuable resource.

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Links to the sites presented in alphabetical order below are offered here as a source of useful information on early musical instruments and other related fields more generally.

American Musical Instrument Society

The Bate Collection, University of Oxford – keyboard instruments section

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Musical Instruments Collection

British Harpsichord Society

The Cobbe Collection, Hatchlands, Surrey

Colonial Williamsburg Musical Instruments Collection

Deutches Museum Munich Musical Instrument Collection

Finchcocks Musical Museum

Friends of Square Pianos Webmaster: David Hackett.

The Galpin Society

The Horniman Museum Musical Instruments Collection

International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections

Kunst Historische Museum Vienna, Musical Instrument Collection

Lucy Coad, square piano conservation and repair

The McManus Art Gallery and Museum Dundee

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Musical Instrument Collection

Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels

National Museum of Ireland, Musical Instruments

National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

The National Music Museum, University of South Dakota

Pianofortes Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis Amsterdam

Royal Academy of Music, London

Royal College of Music Museum, London

Royal Musical Association, London

Square Piano Tech A resource for the restoration of 18th and early 19th Century Square Pianos. The site includes a short article by webmaster Thomas Strange setting out his personal observations on William Southwell's lasting impact on the piano; see Articles ‘Improvements 1.2’.

Stearns Collection, University of Michigan

University of Edinburgh Musical Instruments Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum Musical Instruments Collection

Yale Collection of Musical Instruments

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