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Southwell Brothers Cartes de Visite
front pic

back pic

This picture, and others in this collection taken on the same occasion, can be accurately dated from a Court Circular item in the Morning Post dated 4th April 1860. It records Mr Southwell, the photographer of Baker-street, having attended several times at Buckingham Palace to take photographs of the Queen, the Prince Consort and other members of the royal family.

An advertisement placed by 'Messrs Southwell' in the Morning Post dated 21 August 1860 proudly announces the publication of Cartes de Visite of Her Majesty the Queen, the Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred and Princess Alice, priced 2s 6d each. The same publication also carries a news item that describes the set in some detail and confirms that the Queen was taken wearing a morning costume, perusing a book.

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